We make better skiers

We believe that constant ski improvement leads to few longer seasons and way more fun.

The first step to better skiing is a coach in your pocket

Track Your Ski Level:

Rank your ski level from beginner to Olympian with the Bode Miller designed Universal Alpine


Get Coaching on your Technique:

Skill level based coaching so you can improve speed, body control and reduce your chances of injury.

Analyze every run with a 3D Avatar:

Turn the camera on your body position with our 3D avatar so you can see more than just your skii tracks.

“I built this product to help skiers understand their skiing.”

Bode Miller, US Olympic Skier

What level am I?

The Universal Alpine Ranking is a score of 0 to 100. It was designed to answer a common question: how do I know where I am? I can easily rank myself in tennis or golf, but not skiing.

Here’s how your ranking is determined:



  • Maximum speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum sustained speed
  • Acceleration to 40mph (65 kph)
  • Maximum G-Force resisted in a turn


  • Key indicator

Note: One interesting element is that SPEED and TURN IQ are generally opposing stats. So as your SPEED increases, your TURN IQ decreases



  • Ratio of time spent actively skiing vs resting on the side of the trail (not resting in the lodge or taking bio breaks)
  • Total distance skied in miles

Body position


  • Body position is the #1 issue for most skiers
  • Upper body – too far back / balanced over skis / too far forward
  • Hip angulation
  • Turn initiation – your upper body and legs should be separated. I.e., your upper body should remain relatively still and point straight down the fall line and your legs/hips should swivel as you perform turns.


TURN STYLING (needs a better name)

  • Ratio of long turns vs. short turns vs. going straight
    • Skiing straight generally means that the skier is a novice
  • Linking turns into ‘streaks’
  • Smooth transitions between long and short turns


Device Slider

INTENSITY (needs a better name)

  • Ratio of time spent in a proper skiing stance versus a casual / lazy stance
  • How steep the slopes are that you ski
  • How much vertical drop you’ve covered


Our Story:

Swiss-made, physician designed and Olympian developed

Swiss physician and founder Martin Kawalski was in his orthopedic residency in Zurich when he started wondering about the trends he was seeing in the winter season – all skiing related.

With a pool of data he found there were three to four common injuries and all of them were preventable with data that led to better body positions and greater safety.

SKEO was born to help obsessive skiers remain on the slopes and out of the orthopedic office.

How does coaching work?

Each ski level is put to the test with quests to complete. If you want help

improving read the coaching challenges assigned to you. If you prefer to go

rouge, we will track your progress for you.

See yourself as a coach sees you

The biggest challenge with ski form? You can’t see yourself in a mirror and that video camera is looking at the snow, not your form.

See yourself on hill by getting a replay of your run.

Watch your avatar turn-by-turn ski down a run in playback mode or manually scroll through the turns. Shows you your actual movements based on data.

Need to improve? The avatar shows what you should be doing, technique-wise.

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